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Mexican investors begin to stand out in the Madrid luxury apartment market



For some time, there has been a race to purchase the best luxury apartments in Madrid.

Neighborhoods like Salamanca, one of the most exclusive in the city, have appartment-on-sale ads that are only a few hours in the market before receiving the first offer. And many of these offers come from foreign investors.

It is remarkable how several Mexican fortunes are looking for buying new promotions in areas such as La Finca and have opened a range that until now was mainly focused on Salamanca and Chamberí, the premium neighbourhoods of the capital of Spain. Mexian investors are gaining more and more weight in the Madrid luxury real state sector, in addition to opening new markets and investing on areas further away from the center but with a lot of potential.

This strong and new influx of Mexican capital in Spain is intimately related to Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's victory in the election, last summer, which has empowered leftist policies in Mexico. A situation that has already resulted in a lot of Mexicans accesing the Spanish real estate market. This was reported a few weeks ago by Anna Molgó, director of BARNES in Madrid. 'The Venezuelans have slowed down a little bit and now it is Mexican operations which are growing in recent months,' noted the directive that ensures that 70% of current high 'standing' sales come from to Latinos.'

In any case, the boom of this type of buyers is proof of the good health of the sector in the capital, which is receiving more and more interest, both nationally and internationally. And BARNES Madrid will continue intermediating operations with the same level of professionalism and efficiency that characterizes it.