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BARNES Madrid: Selection of properties for rent or sale

Real Estate & Art de Vivre


With the end of the summer period, the real estate market is shifting into a new rhythm. In the context of slow economic recovery, and also of uncertainties, the Madrid residential market presents opportunities in the purchase and rental of high-end properties.

The adjustment of prices and the increase in the supply of available properties help explain why the Spanish capital is currently the real estate epicenter of the country. The current situation brings to light many interesting trends in the real estate market here; on the one hand, international investors are still largely absent from Madrid. On the other hand, owners are adjusting their selling prices downwards, and the rental market is experiencing a sharp increase in supply.

BARNES Madrid is adapting to the situation of the real estate market; we are increasing our offer of properties by offering apartments for budgets between 500,000 € and one million euros. Furthermore, we offer rental properties starting at 1,500 euros/month while respecting essential criteria such as the geographical location, the quality of renovations of the apartment and also for the furniture.

Our main goal is to ensure that our customers have a perfect experience; In addition, we offer a range of services such as cleaning the apartment including anti COVID-19 measures, moving, renting or buying furniture, carrying out any further renovations

© Le Petit Journal - published on Barnes Madrid on 10/09/2020

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