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What the real estate sector will look like after the summer

In the press


Will prices go up or down in autumn?

We are very optimistic about the last months of the year, we have very strong demand indicators, especially for the super-luxury sector, both for rentals and sales, and also a lot of demand from investors, which tends to make the real estate market very dynamic. In autumn we will be leaving behind many fears, many restrictions, and the purchase of housing in major cities such as Madrid continues to have a spectacular profitability and a much higher quality of life compared to other European capitals.

Now is the time to make a good purchase, even if it is a luxury property. The scenario that presents itself once the summer is over is favourable to the return of foreign capital, as Spain is an attractive market both for living and investing. In addition, it should be taken into account that we will register economic growth of 6-7% in 2021, credit is not expected to contract and our real estate stock continues to be a reference.

Increased demand and pre-pandemic figures

The trend indicates stability, in rentals there will be slight decreases due to an excess of supply previously destined for holiday rentals, which has suffered an important halt due to the problems of international mobility, and in sales where the product is scarce, and usually in the prime areas, there will be an upward trend. Madrid and Barcelona continue to gain importance in the international real estate scene for the purchase of luxury residences and in the latest report prepared by BARNES the two largest cities in Spain are among the 10 most interesting for real estate investment in 2021, only behind Paris, London, Genoa, New York and Quebec.

Trends such as looking for an exterior home, with generous spaces, terraces if possible, green areas nearby, have come to stay and the challenge is to find spaces close to the centre in the big cities where you can have that space with privacy and some nature. Some areas of Chamartín and El Viso, in particular, could become the next destinations for Latin American clients who demand a product that is in short supply in other prime areas. It is all a question of getting to know them.

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